Wednesday, July 18, 2012

penny fakething

 a penny fakething is a fake penny farthing A.K.A. high wheel bicycle, anyways, i saw this on facebook and just thought this was way too cool

no weld minibike!

ive wanted a mini bike for quite some time and i just didn't have the money so, why not build it myself, but without a welder i knew this was going to be difficult so i used an existing electric scooter frame as a base and this worked quite well, with a 6.5hp engine from harbor freight this little beast has more than enough power, the only downside of using a scooter frame is the small wheel base which leads to many accidental wheelies and heres a link to an instructable

no weld go kart

not too long ago i built a no weld go kart and i made an intructable about it and here it is,

weed whacker bike

this is my homemade weed whacker bike, i made this a few years ago but it worked great so here it is, this is a link to instructables; which is a great site by the way if you've never heard of it, it includes detailed intructions on how i built it and a video as well how to build a weed whacker bike

new design: pusher trailer

the idea is for a motorized bicycle, in an eccense a way to motorize any bike. it involves the use of a tag-along bicycle trailer( the type that turns a bike into a tandem). now this is just the design phase but it goin along.