get more power

everybody wants more power so here is how to increase the power of you bike or whatever you've got.

2-stoke engines: 

     weed-wackers: weed-wackers typically get around 10,000 rpms max and theres not much you can do about that but you can change how long it takes to get up there.

  • you CAN'T turbo/supercharge a weed eater it just is impossible the way they work.
  • you can increase compression by shaving the cylinder head (be careful about spark-plug clearance)
  • you can index the spark-plug by using washers to get it properly aligned 
  • you can gut the exhaust
  • you can add headers
  • you can add a tuned exhaust 
thats pretty much it...

4-cycle engines:

     these typically get 3600 rpms governed but the cool thing is, you can change that as well as the torque.
  • you can turbo/supercharge them
  • you can remove the governor 
  • you can get heavier valve springs 
  • you can shave the cylinder head
  • you can index the spark plug 
  • a performance carburetor 
  • a header/ performance muffler
  • you can get a bigger camshaft
  • you can get a larger crankshaft
  • you can get a lighter flywheel
there is probably more but this is all i can think of...


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