Thursday, November 8, 2012

my attempt at a board track racer A.K.A “the Hairy Beast”

Photo0633 Photo0632 Photo0631 Photo0630 Photo0629 Photo0628 motor bike 4 motor bike 3 motorr bike 2 motor bike 1 PIC_0178 PIC_0177 PIC_0176
here are some drawings and what the bike actually looks like in person, it utilizes a 2.8hp 97cc lifan engine and can easily hit 30mph with enough torque to start from a full stop in tall grass. it was made to look like a board track racer and i think it looks pretty good. i shall update once finished
the hairy beast part 1
the hairy beast part 2

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

choosing the right bike

     choosing the right bike for the job is just as important as putting peanut butter on your pb&j sandwich, a bike too small and you wont have a place for the motor, a bike too bike well that doesn't normally happen. when using a weedwacker friction drive setup off the back tire, it is important to note that you need a bar that the brakes normally sit on, for example:
note also that the bar needs to long/wide enough for (the mount that you plan to use) the weight of the whole setup.
     just as well, if you plan on using an in frame engine you need to know that typically a bike with rear suspension will not work for this as you typically require the use of a v-frame bike. the bigger the better is always what i remember but, keep weight in mind as 5 lbs. can make a huge difference. so, you need the bike to be big without being heavy. 

Fat Bikes!

I came across this while surfing the internet today, "fat bikes" were bikes made by a few custom bike builders who apparently liked to ride about the snow, the modified bike frames and rims to get these huge tires to fit, personally I think its kind of cool.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

found a cool new tool

i found this cool tool for my sketchup models so that others can view them, here is a preview of what you will be seeing soon on this blog, this is a desk that i made a while ago but its just an example of what this tool does. just click and drag the mouse over the picture( only works on pc ).

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

2.8hp friction drive bicycle

it uses the clutch bell as the spindle. it uses a 2.8hp lifan 97cc engine. its awesome

Saturday, September 8, 2012

new project:2.8hp friction drive motor bike

the design would follow the design of my other friction drive motorbikes, still working on it though and just got the engine today its a 2.8hp lifan and i am going to use the clutch bell as my spindle

Sunday, September 2, 2012

motorized bike pusher trailer

i built it, it didnt work too well so i put it to sleep and built my minibike out of the left over parts.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

newest motorbike 9/1/12

this bike gets over 150mpg and 27mph or more its a very simple build and took about 2 hours to build start to finish. parts were u-bolts, a 5/8 threaded rod, some angle iron and a homelite string trimmer for $70 at home depot. this bike is probably the cleanest one that i have built and is made on a very solid bicycle the price of all the parts together not including the bicycle is about $80. i came up with the design myself it uses a bicycle peg as a spindle and is friction drive. there are benefits and disadvantages for friction drive. for example, its easy and simple to make, no need to worry about aligning chains or belts, the disadvantages would be not being able to go over wet roads, the spindle just slips and you need to change tires every 250 miles. so there you have it 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

penny fakething

 a penny fakething is a fake penny farthing A.K.A. high wheel bicycle, anyways, i saw this on facebook and just thought this was way too cool

no weld minibike!

ive wanted a mini bike for quite some time and i just didn't have the money so, why not build it myself, but without a welder i knew this was going to be difficult so i used an existing electric scooter frame as a base and this worked quite well, with a 6.5hp engine from harbor freight this little beast has more than enough power, the only downside of using a scooter frame is the small wheel base which leads to many accidental wheelies and heres a link to an instructable

no weld go kart

not too long ago i built a no weld go kart and i made an intructable about it and here it is,

weed whacker bike

this is my homemade weed whacker bike, i made this a few years ago but it worked great so here it is, this is a link to instructables; which is a great site by the way if you've never heard of it, it includes detailed intructions on how i built it and a video as well how to build a weed whacker bike

new design: pusher trailer

the idea is for a motorized bicycle, in an eccense a way to motorize any bike. it involves the use of a tag-along bicycle trailer( the type that turns a bike into a tandem). now this is just the design phase but it goin along.