Saturday, September 1, 2012

newest motorbike 9/1/12

this bike gets over 150mpg and 27mph or more its a very simple build and took about 2 hours to build start to finish. parts were u-bolts, a 5/8 threaded rod, some angle iron and a homelite string trimmer for $70 at home depot. this bike is probably the cleanest one that i have built and is made on a very solid bicycle the price of all the parts together not including the bicycle is about $80. i came up with the design myself it uses a bicycle peg as a spindle and is friction drive. there are benefits and disadvantages for friction drive. for example, its easy and simple to make, no need to worry about aligning chains or belts, the disadvantages would be not being able to go over wet roads, the spindle just slips and you need to change tires every 250 miles. so there you have it 

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