Wednesday, September 26, 2012

choosing the right bike

     choosing the right bike for the job is just as important as putting peanut butter on your pb&j sandwich, a bike too small and you wont have a place for the motor, a bike too bike well that doesn't normally happen. when using a weedwacker friction drive setup off the back tire, it is important to note that you need a bar that the brakes normally sit on, for example:
note also that the bar needs to long/wide enough for (the mount that you plan to use) the weight of the whole setup.
     just as well, if you plan on using an in frame engine you need to know that typically a bike with rear suspension will not work for this as you typically require the use of a v-frame bike. the bigger the better is always what i remember but, keep weight in mind as 5 lbs. can make a huge difference. so, you need the bike to be big without being heavy. 

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